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I love to shop.  Seriously love it.  I can look for hours and hours, not buy a single thing, and be totally happy.  I’m a new mom to a beautiful boy (aka The Kid), and I spend a lot of time looking at baby stuff (thank you internet).  I have a fabulously wonderful amazing super-husband, who loves to cook (I can barely make a grilled cheese) and likes to keep a clean house (less work for me!).  I actually really enjoy my day job.  I just needed a creative outlet and something of my own, that I *hope* might have a following someday….so this website was born (read this post).  I’m having fun figuring this thing out and writing about motherhood and shopping.  Have an idea you want to share? Or a product you want me to review? Email me at kim@mommyswag.com.

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  1. Amy Talbert says:

    Can’t wait to read up on all your great advice and stories!

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