Are you a germophobe like me?

So many thoughtful baby products out there are geared towards germophobe parents like me.  While I’m not excessively concerned with germs, I do believe that if I can easily prevent them, why not?  So on my wish list of baby items was a shopping cart cover.  I know all of your babies are adorable, but I see them grabbing those shopping cart bars with their drool-covered, snot-covered, food-covered hands, and I just don’t want the Kid touching it.  And while I’ve become immune to having the Kid wipe his drool all over my face, I certainly don’t expect you to want that for your baby.  So I spent weeks researching and shopping, and I came to the conclusion that cart covers are pretty much the same, with some minor differences in features.  I came to the conclusion that I definitely wanted my shopping cart cover to:

  • Double as a high chair cover.
  • Be big enough to fit over a mega-sized shopping cart, like Costco’s.
  • Come with some sort of carrying case.
  • Have pockets for sippy cups or toys.
  • Look awesome.

I found everything on my list from Etsy store PamperMeBabyDesigns.  When I came across her shopping cart cover, I was intrigued by the number of pockets I saw in the pictures, especially the giant one in the back.  As I read the description, I realized that the giant pocket actually doubles as a the carrying bag; you just stuff the cart cover into it.  There are 2 additional pockets for toys/sippy cups, plus 4 toy loops.  The Kid couldn’t possible be bored in this thing.  It’s very well made, with plenty of stuffing to make it nice and padded.  Now that I’ve been using it a while, the only thing I would add is a carrying strap.

But the best part is that you can customize this with any fabric you choose.  So here’s mine….


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