Bumper cars are my favorite

I grew up in a town that was far enough away from the metroplex, that it has a small-town feel.  You know, where everyone knows everyone?  But in our small town, we had a small amusement park.  SMALL.  But when I was a kid, it felt huge, and going was always a treat.  One of my favorite rides was the bumper cars, and my older brother would pummel me mercilessly….but I would still laugh so hard, my face ached.  HOW did he always get the faster car?

Anyway, I always think of those bumper cars when I see the Kid roll around in his crib and hit the sides.  And because I’m wired this way, I have to laugh.  Oh don’t get all huffy; he has a bumper up, so it doesn’t hurt him.  In fact, the bumper we have was recommended to me by my sister-in-law, and it’s a pretty smart concept.

We have the Breathable Baby Slatted Crib Bumper.  The material is a breathable, hypo-allergenic fabric.  So even if the Kid smushes his face into it, he can still breathe.  And apparently, he can’t sleep unless his face is smushed into something (bumper, mattress, my breasts – whatever).  It’s not as padded as your traditional bumper, and it’s not nearly as cute.  But this was one of those times that I chose peace of mind over cuteness.  And thank goodness I did, because it really is weird the way he smushes his face.  I attribute it to the breastfeeding.

* Purchased at Buy Buy Baby for $29.99

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