This toy is not recommended for evil genius babies

For months now, every time I take the Kid to Target, we go straight to the toy section and pick up the B. Meowsic Keyboard.  See, the Kid loves music, keyboards, and microphones, and this toy has it all.  But as soon as I was done shopping, we’d go put it back in the toy aisle and move on. I had planned on buying it for him for Christmas….so much for that.  I decided to buy it for him today, to replace his for-the-car-toy, since he has decided that the baby laptop is beneath his 16-month old intelligence.  He was thrilled.

We moved on to Fat Straws, to buy one of their life-changing smoothies.  The Kid loves them as much as I do.  After he drank an alarming amount of my smoothie, it was time to go.  He disagreed.  Loudly.  He knew there was still smoothie there.  But I strapped him in, gave him his toy, jumped behind the driver’s seat and off we went.

He’s still in the back seat wailing his disapproval with me, but I’m used to ignoring that, so it wasn’t a problem.  Until I started hearing that wailing in surround sound.  What the…?  I glance in the rearview mirror, and I fully understand the extent of the Kid’s intelligence.

He’s crying into the microphone.

Seriously?  SERIOUSLY?  *Sigh*

So while I think this toy is awesome and helps promote love of music, only buy it if your child is not an evil genius like mine.

(Secretly, I’m super-proud.)

* Purchased at Target for $24.99

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