Baby jail just got more fun

If you’ve been to any baby store, you’ve seen them.  Those baby gate playpen things that look like a jail cell to me.  Oh, and by the way, they’re also considered pet gates.  But while visiting a friend’s house, I saw that there are alternatives that are more baby friendly and designed to be fun.  Here are a few….

Awesome 8 Panel Baby Playzone Playpen

Friendly Toys Little Playzone

Pavlovz Toyz Electronic Interactive Activity Baby Playpen

At least with these baby gates, your kid may actually want to hang out in it while you’re trying to finish up some laundry.  And maybe you won’t have images of your kid staring at you through the bars of his baby jail, hissing “Hello Clarice,” a la Hannibal Lecter.  Just saying.

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One Response to Baby jail just got more fun

  1. Michelle says:

    Baby Jail! We didn’t have room for that. Just the dreaded play-pen.

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