The Kid’s favorite app

Yes, I’ll admit it.  When I needjustaminute to get something done, and the Kid is crying and clingy, I whip out my iPhone to keep him occupied.  I open up the Look Baby! app, and he’s instantly mesmerized….every time.

The app is simple enough for babies who have learned to reach out and touch.  There are 4 images to choose from – teddy bear, butterfly, bubbles, or shapes.  The Kid’s favorite is the teddy bear.  So we open the teddy bear, and when you touch it, he laughs and moves his arms and legs.  And it’s a cute, baby-like laugh.  Not one of those annoying, high pitched scream-laughs.  There’s even an “Auto On” button, which means teddy will laugh on his own – no touching needed.  There’s also slow, piano music playing in the background, which has been known to put the Kid to sleep.  Each image reacts differently when you touch it, but they all have something to keep the Kid’s eyes locked on the screen while I takejustaminute to do whatever I’m trying to do.

* Download for free from the App Store

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